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2016 Winter Camp

  • Date:Jan 11-15, 2016

  • Place:National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

The 2016 Winter Camp, "De-Coding the Cold War and Facing Contemporary Societies," will include five specific highlights: migration and the Cold War epistemology; colonial/Cold War knowledge production; democracy in Asia; the agrarian renaissance; as well as cultural production in the era of neoliberalism. Each topic introduces a critical dimension of Asian modernity as shaped by the historical forces of colonialism, Cold War politics, as well as the national/popular aspiration for democracy. They will be presented by the UST faculty in inter-Asia cultural studies as well as internationally renowned scholars, directors, and cultural workers. Students will not only sit in the lectures but also participate in discussion groups and field trips to enrich their learning experience. More importantly, they will be able to spend five days with the faculty in Taiwan to share their own work and learn from one another. Through this winter camp, we not only hope to introduce our program to interested students around the world but also create an international platform for critical thinkers and creative minds to meet and exchange their ideas and works. We trust that the winter camp, by opening a window to inter-Asia cultural studies, will provide participants with a unique learning opportunity and a memorable Taiwan experience.


2016 TEEP-UST Winter Camp

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2016 /01/15 TEEP-UST Winter Camp _Review& Research Sharing

2016 /01/14 TEEP-UST Winter Camp _Field Trip: TYC

2016 /01/14 TEEP-UST Winter Camp _ Field Trip: Matsu Village

2016 /01/13TEEP-UST Winter Camp _Democracy Projects

2016 /01/12TEEP-UST Winter Camp_ Colonial / Cold War Dis-Junctures: Migration and Memory

2016/01/11 TEEP-UST Winter Camp_Opening

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