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The International

Winter Camp

  • The University System of Taiwan will schedule week-long lectures and field trips for 30 international participants and 5-10 local students.

  • IICS will provide accommodation and meals, course-related readings, and transportation to the field sites. Student participants in the TEEP Camp will obtain advantageously supporting documents of applying for the "Inter-Asian Cultural Studies International Master /Ph. D program," University System of Taiwan. We believe this transnational academic activity will strengthen the interaction between the TEEP foreign participants and domestic researchers/institutes in Taiwan. 

  • ​Student participants’ obligations:

  1. You are required to fully participate in this project, share your research results and anything related to this project on TEEP-UST website, blogs, facebook, or other social media.

  2. You will be asked to give a group oral presentation and submit an English three-hundred-word individual report about the field trips to IICS. You are also requested to submit a 1,500-words research paper in English by the end of this project. 

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