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Independent Study Internship

     This project serves as a platform for foreign Master and Ph.D. students (not including those who are of Chinese nationality) to pursue their research for a term of two to four months at the International Institute for Cultural Studies (IICS).

How to apply

Please submit all application materials to

  1. Application form (Download Form)

  2. A research plan (Approx. 1000 words)

  3. A letter of recommendation (Please request referee to send the letter to

  4. Official transcript (Scanned file is acceptable)

  5. A photocopy of passport

  6. A photocopy of diploma of the highest education degree

  7. Documents showing the agreement of academic supervision from a researcher of the IICS.

About the project

     You are required to attend classes, engage in individual studies, and participate in internship programs. Students will consult their supervisors about taking Chinese courses, short-term independent study courses, joining short-term internship programs and fieldworks, collecting research materials, and participating in seminars.

Internship opportunities

     You will be invited to work as interns at Taiwan Film Institute, art galleries, museums, cultural institutes of community, social organizations, International Institutes for Cultural Studies from the University System of Taiwan (UST), Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Program of the International Office, or at your supervisor’s office.

The project will prioritize applicants who are
  • From affiliated programs, universities, or research centers of IICS or UST

  • Receiving scholarships from other resources

  • Fluent in Chinese language

  • Academically outstanding

You are required to
  1. Participate in 3 academic activities (lectures, courses, etc.) offered by the University System of Taiwan, and publish articles on Blog or FB.

  2. Submit a 3,000-word final report by the end of the project.

  3. Attend all TEEP gathering meetings.

Prioritize applicants
Internship opportunities
About the project
Student participants will be given
You are required to

Site Title

  • Monthly stipend: $10,000 TWD.

  • Opportunities to participate in independent research projects, short-term internship programs, 1 to 2 weeks or short-term camp data collection, and field trips (on students’ own expenses, except students who register at affiliated programs of the IICS)

  • Supervision of their advisors and arrangements of internship from the IICS

  • Opportunities of interaction with local researchers.

  • Supporting documents for enrolling the Inter-Asian Cultural Studies International Master’s and PhD’s Programs, University System of Taiwan.

Student participants will be given
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